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Symantec notes that for some reason these pages only appear on mobile browsers.When visiting the URLs on a desktop or laptop they bring up a random Facebook users' profiles.Online dating is also relatively popular among the college-educated, as well as among urban and suburban residents.And 38% of Americans who are single and actively looking for a partner have used online dating at one point or another.For me OGads almost like a Pandora's Box) I will try to explain why: 1) Using OGads offers means cheating people in 90% cases.Almost always the reason is "win free i Phone/get free followers" Are there still exist people who believe in that ?

The hacked accounts share the following traits: an altered profile and user name, a female profile picture (even when the original account belonged to a man), a new bio, newly uploaded photos (usually sexually suggestive), and altered/added profile link.

I'll go straight to the point: Hope everybody knows what is adult dating.

(if not pls check google)Adult dating offers are interesting because of the list of reasons:1) Worldwide geo2) High rates3) Almost "Indestructible" niche Here is some of my stats As you can see even 100 accs in adult dating niche make a good daily profit OGads...

The hackers don’t remove content uploaded by the original account holder.

Most of the new links direct users to sites where they are asked to fill in surveys to meet women “for sex” or to access nude photos.

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I never seen rates in OGads higher that 0.4$ - 1,2$ per lead Here is my short story about working with OGads: I decided to go in "travel" niche. Here is an example of account Than i created my own web site - landing page Here is the link - button is the link to the OGads offer's page ) At last i run all my 100 accs. I am some kind new to this and want to build also many accounts , but for example if i promote one kind of product , shall all my accounts have relevant profile pictures - posts ? I have 1/2 two accounts running with a 0.15 Follow back ratio and it makes me $1 every few days and I am using OG ads so you can still make a good amount of money.

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