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Like most of my generation, I grew up spoon fed monogamist fairy tales that pushed “happily ever after” endings as though achieving one was preordained.

It was like, once you found “the one” and stepped on to the relationship escalator, all the answers became clear — so long as you kept your eyes on the prize and didn’t stray ().

Here are five reminders of what not to do in the presence of Mr. Sure, we don't need a man to be happy, but if you don't want one, why are you on the date in the first place?

Many women do this to appear laid-back and not needy -- but it backfires.

Instead of dwelling on what always goes wrong in your relationships start focusing on what might go right. Over-analysing Men like to date women in their twenties because they have perkier boobs, but more importantly, they don’t over-analyse.

Without the pressure of clocks ticking, it is much easier to take dating and love as it comes and not turn a date into a job interview.

These things don’t diminish the integrity of our relationship.Dating in your thirties is hard enough – with the majority of eligible men being either coupled up, gay or carrying more baggage than Kim Kardashian at Heathrow Terminal 5.With this in mind, there are certain mistakes which are best avoided on a first date. Talking weddings Let’s get it out there first – given that it is widely considered to be *the* cardinal sin of the dating world.Though many man expressed interest in younger women, they reported having sex with women closer to their own age."It might be more of a reflection of how the dating game works," Justin Lehmiller, a social psychologist at Ball State University who wasn't involved in the study, told Health Day.

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