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Sure, there were challenges to overcome (especially when it came to the altitude), but tourist-saturated Cusco hadn’t been a really difficult location to visit.

The food was great, most people spoke at least some English, and we felt quite confident as we navigated new places and immersed ourselves in new experiences.

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The landscape is entirely flat except for a few small ‘islands’ such as Isla Incahuasi. Life’s an adventure – make it count with absolutely #NOREGRETS.

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Our plane touched down in La Paz, and we were among the first people in line at immigration.

An immigration officer asked us if we had visas, and when we said yes we were directed to a window with no wait.

Bolivia seemed surrounded by barriers from the very beginning, but we were willing to climb them (or at least wait in line until it was our turn to enter).

A low population density of fifteen inhabitants per square mile is paralleled by a young, fast-growing population (over 41 percent less than fifteen years old). Spanish, the national and official language, is spoken in urban centers, while the dominant languages in the rural highlands are Quechua (the Incan lingua franca) and Aymara and in the southeast Guaraní.

Members of the Oriente ethnic polities (e.g., Guarayos, Mojeños, Tacanas, Movimas, Chimanes) speak Spanish and their indigenous languages, which are members of the Amazonian language family.

The sparsely populated Oriente—swamp, grasslands, plains, and tropical and subtropical forest—constitutes over 70 percent of the country. Historically, Bolivia has been predominantly rural, with most of its Quechua- and Aymara-speaking peasants living in highland communities.

The 1992 census confirmed that 80 percent of the people live in the highlands and noted increasing rural to urban migration.

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