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Threaten to take it away, or even hint at the slightest bit of enforcing control over us, and we'll rebel, run away, instantly turn off all interest or worse.

It does not mean we can't commit (in fact, we usually overcommit due to our optimistic nature), and it does not mean we're going to run around doing whatever we please, hurting the people we care about in the process. On the other hand, don't even hint at telling us we must or can't (yes, either) do something, go somewhere, see someone, eat something, drink something, accomplish something (unless you really want to motivate us), say something, and so on.

Claybrooks stated that "he never had a chance" and felt like he had been treated unjustly and unfairly by producers of the show. Unfortunately, all three men received very little camera time which some say resulted in their early dismissal by "Bachelorette" and single mother, Emily Maynard.

The show has still not yet featured an Asian man (or woman) among the potential suitors who have even this much of a chance to making the top 2, let alone top 15.

Or adhering (or breaking from) socially-acceptable norms?

Your humble El Jefe has his own views on the matter, but far be it for moi to try to influence your emotional and spiritual peregrinations, friends.

You can go through the list of females in your neighbourhood to browse through their pictures.

These are the best dating sites for singles looking for an interracial relationship. These are the best dating sites for singles looking for an interracial relationship.

As Sagittarians, we hold onto freedom like it is our lifeblood.Realize that just because we want freedom, doesn't mean we're going to take advantage of it for reasons that are harmful to you. Basically take the phrases, “You can't” and “You have to” out of your vocabulary.Yes, being stubborn get's a bad rap, but when you think about it, maybe it shouldn't.Interracial couples has been the hot topic for many dating shows.The latest addition, "The Choice," has attempted to bypass it all together by forcing their celebrity bachelors to pick their suitors based on voice alone.

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