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By January 2016, the longtime loves were spotted at a NBA game where the New York native referred to Anna as his girlfriend. Not to mention, one fan account on Instagram shared a DIFFERENT snap of Jesse and Anna looking in the family way (below).

Interestingly enough, back in September 2015 the 33-year-old pledged to match up to 0,000 in donations for the Middle Way House, which just happens to be run by Anna's mother, Toby Strout.These lead users, as they are called, will modify products or use them in unforeseen ways to meet their needs.The lead-user research method was developed as a systematic way to mine the insights and innovations of these lead users.Each episode is approximately 22 minutes long, excluding commercials.The series is part of what has become known as the DC animated universe, which consists of eight animated television shows and four animated films, largely surrounding DC Comics characters and their respective mythos.

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