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Private personnel data shall be disclosed to the department of economic security for the purpose of administration of the unemployment insurance program under Minn. Unless restricted by federal or state data practices law or by the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, the responsible authority for a school district must disseminate to another school district private personnel data on a current or former teacher (employee or contractor) of the district, including the results of background investigations, if the requesting school district seeks the information because the subject of the data has applied for employment with the requesting school district. MULTIPLE CLASSIFICATIONSIf data on individuals are classified as both private and confidential by Minn. The data also must be disclosed to a government entity or any person for prevailing wage purposes. When a teacher is discharged immediately because the teacher’s license has been revoked due to a conviction for child abuse or sexual abuse or when the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) makes a final determination of child maltreatment involving a teacher, the school principal or other person having administrative control of the school must include in the teacher’s employment record the information contained in the record of the disciplinary action or the final maltreatment determination, consistent with the definition of public data under Minn. In addition to the background check required under Minn. § 123B.03, a school board or other school hiring authority must contact the Board of Teaching and MDE to determine whether the teacher’s license has been suspended or revoked, consistent with the discharge and final maltreatment determinations. 13, or any other state or federal law, the data are private. CHANGE IN CLASSIFICATIONSThe school district shall change the classification of data in its possession if it is required to do so to comply with other judicial or administrative rules pertaining to the conduct of legal actions or with a specific statute applicable to the data in the possession of the disseminating or receiving agency. RESPONSIBLE AUTHORITYThe school district has designated Troy Ferguson, Superintendent (763-753-7022), as the authority responsible for personnel data. Gail Girard’s school year started with applause at a Bloomington school board meeting for her statewide teaching honor.In her last weeks before retiring, Girard held back tears at a recent meeting and begged the district to value its teachers in contract negotiations.

No further meeting is planned." Fortunately, taking into account the challenges faced by the labour movement, society and the need to defend ourselves against big business and the apartheid regime, further meetings took place and Cosatu was eventually formed.

According to a settlement agreement the school district released Friday in response to a Pioneer Press records request, the district agreed to pay ,625 to Severs and ,375 to her Minneapolis lawyer, T. The agreement is labeled confidential but is public under the state’s government data practices law.

Brookins, her former boss, now is principal of Roseville Area Middle School.

“Public” means that the data is available to anyone who requests it. “Private” means the data is available to the subject of the data and to school district staff who need it to conduct the business of the school district. “Confidential” means the data is not available to the subject. “Parking space leasing data” means the following government data on an application for, or lease of, a parking space: residence address, home telephone number, beginning and ending work hours, place of employment, location of parking space, and work telephone number. “Personnel data” means government data on individuals maintained because they are or were employees of the school district, applicants for employment, or volunteers or independent contractors for the school district, or members of or applicants for an advisory board or commission. 2(b), upon completion of an investigation of a complaint or charge against a public official, as defined in Minn. Data that is classified as private under another law is not made public by this provision. Private data will not be otherwise released unless authorized by law or by the employee’s informed written consent. Data pertaining to an employee’s dependents are private data on individuals. Data created, collected or maintained by the school district to administer employee assistance programs are private.

“Protected health information” excludes health information in education records covered by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and employment records held by a school district in its role as employer. “Public officials” means business managers; human resource directors; athletic directors whose duties include at least 50 percent of their time spent in administration, personnel, supervision, and evaluation; chief financial officers; directors; and individuals defined as superintendents and principals. Names of applicants are private data except when certified as eligible for appointment to a vacancy or when they become finalists for an employment position.

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“I have not seen morale this low, ever,” Girard, an adapted physical education teacher, told the board in April.

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