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Patronato de Monumentos de San Juan, a nonprofit organization in charge of the restoration effort, is committed to doing authentic restoration, including the use of original materials and techniques.

The San José Church was included on the Trust's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list for 2013.

There is also a charming rose garden, with armillary sphere and herb garden.

As a site which has escaped the advances of agriculture, its archaeological features are still well preserved.

"Dating to the 16th century, the San José Church helps tell the story of the early colonial history of the New World, a legacy that must be preserved."Today, San José Church has been closed for 13 years and is experiencing severe deterioration and structural damage problems.

While a coalition of community organizations and individuals is involved in the preservation effort, additional funding is needed to restore this irreplaceable treasure.

In comparison, a recent report for the House of Commons library estimated that the Labour Party now has 190,000 members, the Conservatives about 150,000 and the Liberal Democrats 44,000. Adherents of that family of UK parties now just outnumber the Lib Dems.

Even so, and in a reversal of their usual rhetoric, signed-up Greens still represent the 1 per cent when set against the broad democratic masses of the National Trust.

Lodge Park John ' Crump' Dutton built this 17th-century grandstand, fuelled by his passion for deer coursing, gambling, banqueting and entertaining.

This mighty legion, whose ranks of card-carrying members dwarf in numbers any bloc of active church-goers or political party, has committed a billion pounds to fund its public interventions.

They aim to change patterns of land use, steer environmental reforms, mould housing and infrastructure policy, and even take over the running of community assets from local authorities.

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That is because the report on its 21st-century strategy, entitled “Playing our Part”, came from the National Trust. The National Trust boasts 4.2m members, among them 60,000 volunteers.

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