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Our comprehensive and diverse practice is unique among plaintiffs’ firms.

Moreover, we continually evaluate new cases and pursue opportunities to represent clients in additional fields of law including intellectual property and commercial litigation.

We are driven by a strong and principled sense of social responsibility.

We are committed to achieving justice for investors, consumers, employees, patients, and business owners; promoting safer products and fair competition; protecting our environment; assisting individuals blow the whistle on fraud; safeguarding the rights of patent and copyright holders; ensuring our right to privacy is preserved; and upholding the civil rights of citizens worldwide.

“On March 18, 2008, attorneys for the Securities and Exchange Commission grilled Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs over issues of backdating of stock options.

Forbes obtained the 119-page sworn deposition from the Securities & Exchange Commission using the Freedom of Information Act. Apple CEO Steve Jobs felt a bit underappreciated by Apple’s Board back in 2001 – April 23, 2009 Apple execs agree to settle stock options lawsuits – September 10, 2008 Ex-Apple general counsel Heinen settles backdating case for .2 million – August 14, 2008 Apple CEO Steve Jobs summoned to court in latest backdating lawsuit – April 24, 2008 U. Justice Department ends criminal probe of backdated stock options at Apple Inc.

With co-counsel, we have represented clients across the globe in cases filed in American courts.

: We have litigated and resolved thousands of individual lawsuits and hundreds of class and group actions since the firm’s founding in 1972.

We possess the sophisticated legal skills, financial resources, investigative talent, and administrative support to take on the world's most powerful corporations.

Many of these cases are among the most significant civil cases in the United States over the past quarter century, including: Our attorneys are recognized as some of the most qualified and skilled professionals in their fields.

They are routinely appointed by federal and state courts to serve as leaders in national litigation.

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