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If you ask the experts they would say that “oversharing often happens when we are trying subconsciously to control our own anxiety.

This effort is known as “self-regulation” and here is how it works: When having a conversation, we can use up a lot of mental energy trying to manage the other person’s impression of us. Essentially, you need to decide if this person you’re speaking with needs to know this information or even if it’s going to benefit your interaction in any way.

To me a good date is one that makes me not even notice the time pass.

Well, theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem, but, realistically it matters a lot. On one side you’ve got your serial daters who enjoy the “honeymoon phase” of dating.

Since the hack of celebrities’ private i Cloud accounts and subsequent release of once intimate photos, op-eds and reader comments have levied the burden of fault on the A-list victims themselves.

One You know, there is a great way to stop this..... Knowing that there are people out there who want naked pics of celebrities, the celebs fall into the trap because they are stupid. —dhd123 Passing off opinions as practical advice is simply sugar-coating discrimination.

We try to look smart, witty and interesting, but the effort required to do this leaves less brain power to filter what we say and to whom.” That makes a lot of sense, I mean I’ve definitely overshared when I’ve been nervous and wanted to make a good impression. Ask yourself, is the information “need to know”, “nice to know” or “not necessary”? Here Are Some Topics To Avoid: Once you get to know each other better, different topics come up naturally as you deal with day to day life, but they don’t need to know this information in the beginning because it really does make you less desirable.

Sometimes we have a tendency to feel like we have crazy chemistry with someone and they even start oversharing, but I would encourage you to still not overshare even if the person you’re with is oversharing. Instead of putting your best foot forward, when you overshare you’re painting yourself with not so pretty colors.

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