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German hobbyist and lab technician, Patrick Priebe has built a real-life functioning version of Spider-Man's web shooter, that shoots pellets and a fishing line with a tiny harpoon instead of a liquid web.

"And that might have been difficult for some people." He also suggested that he was "naive" for believing he could infuse his idea of Spider-Man as a modern myth into the role: "I was naive to the whole process of making one of those big-budget films." Garfield told Amy Adams in s 'Actors on Actors' series in November 2016 that scoring the role aged 27 was "dangerous".Maguire went on to marry jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer with whom he had two children, but in October, the couple ended their 9-year marriage. Moore, apparently contacted Maguire after hearing of the split, and why not rekindle what they had. Unlike the liquid web of the hero in recently released film The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Mr Priebe's web shooter is actually a coil gun which runs on a single lithium-polymer battery wrapped around his wrist.Coil guns use metallic coils to fire objects through electromagnetism, but for those lacking real superpowers, this may be the next best thing.

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I confess to being a complete sucker for most of refined characters- I've always had a spot spot for his take on Kuroh Yatogami, and I like what I've heard of his Yusuke as well. He does quite a few mocap VO gigs which usually take up a good deal of his time (Uncharted 4 and MGS5 used up a lot of his time in recent years fwih), and afaik he's currently working on The Last of Us 2 which is definitely something big.

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